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PM Jeepney launched, powered by euodoó Tech

In October 29, 2018 at 10am in the morning, marked an important milestone in the implementation of the PUV Modernization Program. The Pangkalahatang Sangguniang Manila and Suburbs Drivers Association (Pasang Masda) launched their first batch of Modern Jeepneys for Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), a flagship program of the Duterte administration which envisions a restructured, modern, well-managed and environmentally sustainable transport sector where drivers and operators have stable, sufficient and dignified livelihoods while commuters get to their destinations quickly, safely and comfortably.

This ceremony was led by PM National President Roberto “Ka-Obet Martin and have attended by the honorable government officials, MMDA Chairman, Danilo Lim, LTRFB Chairman Martin B. Delgra III, DOTr Assistant Secretary Mark De leon, Board Member LTFRB Atty. Aileen Lourdes Lizada, LTFRB Regional Director Zona Russet Tamayo, First District Quezon City Councilor, Committee on Transportation, Hon. Oliviere T. Belmonte, and Manila City Mayor Hon. Joseph “Erap” Estrada. This historical ceremony was also attended by the Landbank of the Philippines President Alex V. Beunaventura, Mr. Hajime Koso, President, Isuzu Philippines Mr. Raymond Jarina, President & CEO, Isuzu INTECO Group, Mr. Conrad Almazora, President of Almazora Corporation, and Euodoo Technologies President and CEO Mr. Julius P. Zapata.

“This is a right path we are on” MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said in his short speech during the PM jeepney launching press conference at the Luck Garden Restaurant, in QC. "Nothing is constant in this world, especially in the generation we are in, everything changes. Even though we are saying that Jeepneys are iconic, Jeepneys are part of our culture and history, we need this change for a better life that we deserved and awaits us. We need a better public transportation that provides comfort and safety to the commuters, well-organized, and environmental friendly. MMDA strongly supports this program, one of the reasons why heavy traffic lingers everywhere is because of the old PUV’s. This change is something that we truly need to move forward."

  Euodoo Technologies Ceo and President Mr. Julius P. Zapata (Middle left) MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, (Middle right) Pasang Masda National President Roberto “Ka-Obet” Martin (second to the right) DOTr Usec, Mark De Leon. (Second left)

“I, 1000 times agree to MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, this is the way to go forward” said LTFRB Chairman Martin Delga III. We know that there are a lot of issues and concerns, but nonetheless, this is the program that has been ripen and smoothen by time, and we need to respond to it in a very positive way, a firm way. Notwithstanding the criticisms, notwithstanding the issues that were thrown upon all of us who are in full support in Jeepney modernization, but we firmly move forward with this program. I’m very happy that the group of Pasang Masda is very supportive of PUVMP, this project has also opened the doors of opportunities for the downstream industry, who are components to the PUVMP.

All of us in the Transportation Committees, in MMDA, LTFRB, and LTO, we are encouraging you to help us to lessen the weight of our jobs in tracking and chasing the polluted vehicles and old PUV’s that contributes hardship to the commuters and the society due to traffic and pollution. We need a change, and we need to modernized our public transportation system. Who will benefit from all of this the most? it’s not just us in the government, not just the modern jeepney manufacturers, and not just Pasang Masda and other transport group, but the commuters. The commuters will benefit the most from this, commuters all throughout the country that we are serving. LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra reiterated, during his speech.

To those other transport groups that supports this program, you are all welcome to participate, we will just initiate things in due process. When we make a call for franchises, all of those who are interested, all of the transport groups, transport cooperatives, or even corporations who are willing to participate, you are very much welcome to come and join us in this crusade, to modernized our public transportation system. LTFRB Chairman said, as he ended his speech.

DOTr Usec Mark De Leon also weighs in, “I am very happy that we are here now, the route for Pasang Masda is here. This will attest that there is truly a Jeepney Modernization, that we are on our way to the biggest change in Public Transportation here in the Philippines. There’s a lot of talks that this program must be stopped, but we all stand together to make this campaign evident, no one can stop us but our President Rodrigo Duterte himself, because he is the one who started this campaign. President Duterte really want this modernization to take place, he believes that this is what our country need in terms of a better Public Transportation.”

The 15 modernized PUVs have been assembled using the Isuzu QKR77 cab and chassis platform and the rear body designed and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corp. The units are Sanden air-conditioned 23-passenger Class 2 PUVs with a side-facing seat configuration.

“I agree with MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim”, DOTr Usec De Leon added, “that the answer to traffic is to provide a good public transportation, this is it. Most of the people tend to buy their own cars because there’s no option for a better transportation. We are always settling to something less, because that’s the only thing we have as of now is terms of public transportation, but nevertheless, change is happening.”

“In Taguig, Pateros, in our new routes, commuters there are waiting for the new Jeepneys to arrive, because they really want to ride an efficient and comfortable Modern Jeepneys. That’s what people are after in our present situation, and this is what we see ourselves in the future. This is what commuters want, and they don’t mind paying for additional one or two pesos for this. This is what we want to achieve for the commuters, and we are 100% sure that it will have a positive impact to our country and economy”. DOTr Asec Mark De Leon, as he ended his speech.

It is really good to know that the government is in full support in this campaign and they have displayed a firm, and enthusiastic stand to the PUVMP. Time for a dose of reality: change in society is absolutely vital if the countries are to realize the benefits it can give to the citizens, growth potential for the economy, to prosper and propel onto greater things which were once but a pipe dream.

The world changes every day. Society is constantly changing. If we fail to keep up with these constantly-moving targets, they lag behind, become stale and, ultimately, fail. Great leaders understand this, which is why they continually look for ways to evolve and improve. Euodoo Technologies, Inc. is in full swing of providing a better innovation and technologies that could help our society and economy in reaching greater heights for prosperity and success.


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